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How will Apriority protect me against lender's harrassing phone calls?

Most lending websites and banks operate by buying your contact information when you're looking for a loan.  They then harass you with phone calls, texts, emails until you succumb to pressure and get a loan. We are built fundamentally differently. By putting a barricade between you and the lenders, you will ONLY get contacted when you choose to proceed with one of our fantastic loan options. Communications on your schedule and not anyone else's. With Apriority, the days of cold calls and harassment from lenders are over.

Will my credit score be affected after onboarding with Apriority's debt management?

No. Our debt monitoring systems only use soft credit inquiries to get required data, so there are no negative hits to your credit score for simply being on our platform.  Additionally, we track credit card utilization and can actually suggest ways to improve your credit score.  

What hidden fees are there?

None! We don't make any commissions or collect fees from issuing loans. thus our recommendations are completely UNBIASED and only have your best interests in mind. Expect full transparency and understandable options on Apriority's platform.

How will Apriority protect my data?

We will NEVER sell your data or give a single bit of information to someone without your consent.

How secure is data storage and the platform in general?

We employ the latest security methods for all financial information (including SOC-2 compliance standards), and NEVER store your social security number or account numbers. Account setup necessitates email verification, and each login requires two-factor authentication.

Still have questions? Email us at support@apriorityfinancial.com
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