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(mortgage, student, auto, personal loans, even credit cards)

From our always-on debt optimization to applying for new loans, we help you navigate the complicated lending industry and provide you with best-in-class savings opportunities.

how our deep tech finds opportunity

1. User Setup

Sign up, and sign in. We fetch your existing liability data through a soft credit pull and ask questions relevant to those retrieved liabilities through our friendly user experience.

2. Design Applications

A new mortgage application on lending tree returns quotes for a single application. Truth is that there are DOZENS of factors that influence the rate produced (debt-to-income, loan amount, credit score, etc...). Instead, we construct dozens of applications and get quotes from hundreds of lenders where each influencing factor is varied. It provides our systems with the full landscape of quote options, personalized exclusively for you.

3. Optimize Holistically

Treating debt as a collection of individual instruments is so 2022. Treating debt as a portfolio and using Apriority's patented debt optimizer is our game changer. Through strategic maneuvering of debt from vehicle to vehicle, we can uncover creative and impactful ways to reduce your overall debt costs, all according to your objectives.

4. Alert of Savings

The days of the borrower having to monitor their own debt in a confusing lending industry are over. We constantly scan markets and their everchanging rates to seek out opportunities specific to you. When savings are present, we will reach out to you. Otherwise, you will have piece of mind that your debt is fully optimized, at all times.

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